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Home as a shared space, sometimes as a prison or Home in a metaphoric way as a place, a person to belong to, a place to put roots.

Our planet, our home in a broadest sense to preserve and protect, to leave as a legacy to our children, a constant thought to take as a memento to find the right way to preserve it from our bad habits.

This collection wants to represent the value that the word “Home”  means for everyone of us, how sometimes an embrace, an outstretched hand let us feel safe, protect and comfortable.

The physical room that traces and forces us no matter how big it is.

Our roots, our past’s memories, our traditions that found in our Home the most profound sense that in this period some of us have to leave, or lost, or see  destroyed by an unusual cruelty.

The memory of our heart places, that we bring with us when we choose different country to spend our lives.

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